Chicago’s New Eco-Bridge – Is it really Eco?

By | June 16, 2008


AS+GG, a local Chicago architect firm has proposed the Eco-Bridge as part of the city’s Green Initiative. The proposed Eco-Bridge is basically a 2 mile long breakwater that will offer residents and visitors great views from the bridge’s footpaths and futuristic observation tower, as well as a calm spot for boating.

AS+GG plans are intended to showcase the city’s dedication to sustainability and will include building the breakwater foundation on slag, a byproduct of steel-making, and the slag would be permeable, allowing fish to use it as a habitat. Plus the Bridge will house a wind farm to add to the sustainability theme.

The project is also intended to enhance Chicago’s bid to host the 2016 Olympic Games. The observation tower is a prominent and central place to house the Olympic flame and the breakwater provides ample space for rowing and sailing events in calm water, which could offer terrific viewer access for these events.

But is the Bridge really Eco? Or is this just part of Chicago’s PR spin to become the “Greenest City in America“?

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