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Your guide to eco-friendly tips to greenify your everyday life.

Tip of the Week – Stop The Idling

Green up your morning & stop the idling. In the winter, many people idle their car engine after starting it up because they think it needs time to warm up. Well, that is just not true! Today’s fuel-injected engines don’t need a warm-up period (except in below-zero conditions), and idling for long periods can lead… Read More »

Tip of the Week – Defrost Your Freezer Regularly

Regularly defrosting your freezer can massively improve its efficiency. The ice that builds up becomes an insulator, reducing the effectiveness of the freezing process. By defrosting & getting rid of the ice, you allow your freezer to operate more efficiently.

Tip of the Week – Vacuum Your Refrigerator Cooling Coils

Vacuum your refrigerator cooling coils on a regular basis. If dust builds up on the coils the fridge needs to work harder to keep things cool inside & it use a lot more energy than it needs to be. By vacuuming the coils of your fridge you allow your fridge to operate more efficiently.

Top 10 New Years Eco Resolutions For 2009

Let’s start 2009 off on the right foot! Make your New Years resolutions an eco resolution. Check out these Top 10 eco resolutions for the new year. Top 10 New Years Eco Resolutions for 2009: 1- Start a compost pile 2- Set up a programmable thermostat 3- Green Laundry: switch to biogradable detergents, wash full… Read More »

Tip of the Week – Clean The Lint Filter

The average U.S. household spends up to $135 a year in energy costs drying clothes. A dirty lint filter can use 30 percent more energy to get the job done. So don’t forget to clean it out after ever load to get the max out of your dryer every time.