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Greenify your life with Reusing & Recycling!

Product of the Week – Littlearth Purses & Accessories

Littlearth is this way cool company that makes purses & fashion accessories using recycled license plates, rubber and bottle caps. Founded in 1993, by Rob Brandegee & Ava DeMarco on the the idea to design & produce fashionable, unique and trendsetting purses & belts by reusing and recycling materials that would otherwise be overlooked or… Read More »

Chicago’s Green Renaissance

What is Chicago doing to become a greener city? RiverWired gives the inside scoop in this video. Check out Chicago’s City Hall roof, it’s municipal vehicles, the accessible recycling programs, and the new Center for Green Technology which was built on a former industrial waste site.

IKEA recycles your CFLs for free

Compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs, are an awesome way to go green everyday at home. They are low energy efficient light bulbs that use 80 percent less energy than incandescents, last up to 10 times longer and still provide the same amount of light. This all translates into better everyday energy practices and big… Read More »

Recycle or Landfill

Why recycle you ask? Well, maybe how long somthing takes to decompose in a landfill is answer enough. The Tree Hugging Family posted some figures the other day that really make you think and will hopefully inspire you to take some action to go green. How long will it take to decompose… Cotton rags =… Read More »