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How To Protect Yourself From Non-Organic Pesticides

If you can’t afford or just don’t have access to Organic food…don’t worry, there are still ways to protect yourself from the pesticides. For Produce: Buy fresh vegetables and fruits in season. When long storage and long-distance shipping are not required, fewer pesticides are used on the produce. Trim tops and the very outer portions… Read More »

Top 10 Ways to Have a Green Thanksgiving

If your are looking for ways to green up your Thanksgiving celebration this year, look no further. Here are the top 10 green tips to make your Thanksgiving as eco-friendly as possible. 1- Go organic: An organic Thanksgiving feast is not only healthy and tasty, but can also help the environment. Free-range turkey, fresh vegetables… Read More »

Tip of the Week – Become A Flexitarian

What is a Flextarian? A Flextarian is a Vegetarian that eats meat on rare occasions. Why should I become a Flextarian? Because raising produce is “cheaper,” in terms of energy, than raising animals. How can I become a Flextarian? Swap out one meat dish a week for a veggie plate.

5 Environment Product Labels & What They Mean

Every wonder what labels actually mean on products? Here are 5 eco-labels that draw attention to the good that their products do for the environment. USDA Organic What it means: Food is produced without antibiotics, genetic engineering or most synthetic fertilizers, and pesticides. Seen on food products. Rainforest Alliance Certified What it means: Companies harvesting… Read More »