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Tip of the Week – Turn Down the Thermostat

Want to save 5 to 10 percent on your heating bill? Yeah, who doesn’t! Turn down your thermostat 5 to 10 degrees before you go to bed at night, and then turn it up again in the morning when the coffee is brewing. By doing this you’ll save 5 to 10 percent of your heating… Read More »

Top 10 Tips On Raising A Green Puppy Dog

If you have a puppy dog or are thinking about getting one, here are a few tips on greening your pooch. Top 10 Tips On Raising A Green Puppy Dog: 1- Adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue group 2- Spay or neuter your dog to help control the population 3- Feed your pup… Read More »

U.S. Population Is Ever Growing!

The U.S. population is growing faster then ever despite the lack of resources & the impact it has on the planet. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. population will hit 303.15 million on January 1, 2008. This is up 0.9 percent from last year. They also estimate that in 2008, the country will… Read More »

Green Your Kitty’s Litter Box

If you’re a cat owner, I’m sure you think clumping kitty litters are great because they are so convenient & easy to use. Well, what you may not realize is that two ingredients found in most clumping litters have been implicated in many diseases and even the deaths of animals & humans. Sodium bentonite is… Read More »