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Greenest Cities of the World

Is your hometown one of the most eco-friendly cities of the world? Grist reports the top 15 greenest cities of the world. They compiled a list of cities deserving recognition for making impressive strides toward eco-friendliness, and helping their residents live better, greener lives. Top 15 Greenest Cities 1- Reykjavik, Iceland 2- Portland, Oregon, U.S.… Read More »

United Nations Climate Change Conference

The United Nations Climate Change Conference started today and will go through December 14th in Bali, Indonesia. The conference will have representatives from over 180 countries that will start negotiations on a new international climate change agreement. The United Nations Department of Public Information will be providing full coverage of the Conference, including webcasts of… Read More »

Having a Baby vs. Protecting Planet Earth

Would you choose to not have a family to save the planet? Well that is exactly what Toni Vernelli & Sarah Irving did. Meet the women who won’t have babies – because they’re not eco friendly. Toni at age 27 was sterilized to “protect the planet”. Her boyfriend at the time, now husband, was very… Read More »

Eco Biz – Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

“Scientist of the world unequivocally say that global warming is here and it is caused by man. Now weather or not the US wants to jump on board doesn’t mean that intelligent people in business can’t see the light. – Paul Comey, V.P. Environmental Affairs, Green Mountain Coffee Rosters Above is a quote from Eco… Read More »

Global Warming Debate – Phase 2

The global warming debate is in full force now as phase one: admitting that there is a real crisis, is ending and the next phase: what should be done, is starting. As the war against global warming continues, many still disagree with the mainstream solutions. Bjorn Lomborg, Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger all accept the… Read More »

Current TV – Ecospot

Current TV and the Alliance for Climate Protection challenged it’s viewers to create Ecospots, short videos with a message to get people involved in fighting the climate change crisis. The winners have been recently announced. Below is the second place winner, Are You Game, a fast-paced, green-themed party game, in which 6 friends race against… Read More »

Holiday Christmas Trees – The Eco Choice

As the holiday season fast approaches, it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas trees and holiday decorations. There are many options out there, however some are more eco friendly than others. 1- Artificial Some may think that buying an artificial tree is the most eco friendly thing to do; however that is just the… Read More »