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Obama & McCain On Offshore Drilling

Where do the presidential candidates stand on offshore drilling? Barack Obama: Generally opposes opening additional U.S. waters to offshore oil drilling, but says he would consider it as part of a comprehensive energy plan that includes incentives for renewable energy. John McCain: Calls for lifting the federal ban on offshore oil drilling in new areas.… Read More »

Sarah Palin On The Environment

Where does Sarah Palin stand on issues related to energy and the environment? Well the folks over at Grist put together this quick snapshot. Check it out.. Opposed a statewide ballot initiative to prohibit or restrict new mining operations that could affect salmon in the state’s streams and rivers Has pushed to build a natural-gas… Read More »

Top 5 U.S. Green Olympians of 2008

Who are the top five U.S. eco-activist athletes competing in the Beijing 2008 Olympics? Here’s the list according to the Grist: 1 – LeBron James, U.S., Basketball = James is teaming up with SpongeBob SquarePants for the Nickelodeon’s Big Green Help campaign, which is aimed at encouraging kids to go green. 2 – Amanda Beard,… Read More »

Tip of the Week – Keep Your Water Heater At 120°F

Check out your water heater’s temperature setting and lower it to 120°F. Water heaters are extremely inefficient, and the higher the temperature setting, the more energy they waste. Water heaters typically account for about 13% of a household’s utility expenses. If you lower your water heater setting from 150°F to 120°F, you could reduce its… Read More »

Where Did All The Honey Bees Go?

In recent years, the declining population of the honey bee in the U.S. has caused a trickle-down effect into other agricultural endeavors. This trickle-down effect doesn’t start with the decline of the bees themselves though. It starts from something known as Colony Collapse Disorder, which is a phrase for the fact that something is causing… Read More »

Genetically Modified Fruits

What is genetically modified (GM) food? Genetically modified food uses modern biotechnology or gene technology, which is also called Genetic engineering, which allows selected individual genes to be transferred from one plant species to another and then used to grow GM plants and food crops. Genes from animals and other plants are literally shot into… Read More »

China’s Emergency Green Plan

As the Olympics near, China has embarked on several measures to improve air quality, such as limiting the use of cars and the closing of dozens of factories. Apparently, these efforts have had little impact. The Air Pollution Index, or API, (the API measures particulate matter) in Beijing has hovered over 101, however the API… Read More »

Tip of the Week – Keep It Cool

During the warmer months, keep your window draperies & shades closed during the day. This will reduce the amount of heat produced from the sun shining in to your home, thus keeping your house cooler without using the AC.

Dirty Human Hair Neutralizes Ozone

Don’t feel like washing your hair today…No worries, it’s ok, you’re helping the environment. That’s right, oily, unwashed hair can destroy dangerous pollutant ozone. Scientists at Missouri University of Science and Technology discovered that dirty hair absorbs seven times more ozone than clean hair. I know what you are saying…absorb the ozone? But I thought… Read More »