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Living Off The Grid In An Earthship

Earthship is a radically sustainable green building made of recycled materials and powered by the sun & the wind, catching water, treating sewage, heating and cooling through thermal dynamics and growing food. It’s extreme Green living at it’s best by architect Michael Reynolds. Here’s a detailed look inside an Earthship:

ecoskin – Recycled Plastic Smart Phone Antibacterial Covers

There are tons of skins, covers and pouches out there to protect your mobile phone from scuffs, scratches and dings but what protects you from the bacteria just lingering on your phone? Introducing the ecoskin! An eco-friendly smart phone cover with antibacterial protection. The ecoskin is the only recycled mobile phone cover to be infused… Read More »

Magniwork – The Ultimate DIY Kit For Energy Independence

Want to live off the grid with a generator which creates free electric energy? Seams too good to be true. Well, it is true with Magniwork’s ultimate DIY kit for a free energy generator. What is the Magniwork DIY Kit? Magniwork is the ultimate DIY kit for energy independence. Magniwork includes a complete guide of… Read More »

Product of the Week – Trtlbot iPhone Cases

Trtlbot is a Los Angeles based company that designs eco-functional iPhone accessories. All of their eco-friendly shells are made in California from reclaimed plastic from recycled bottles. Their two new iPhone 4 cases, Minimalist 4 & Trtl Stand 4, are more than just cases to protect your precious phone. Minimalist 4 has a slot on… Read More »

Tip of the Week – Pack A Waste-Free Lunch

Did you know that the average American school-age child throws away 67 pounds of food packaging a year? This includes plastic water bottles, sandwich baggies, and juice boxes. That equates to 18,760 pounds of lunch waste for just one average-size elementary school. That’s a lot of trash! Next week start reducing those numbers by packing… Read More »