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Insulation made from Denim?

There is a company out there called Bonded Logic that is manufacturing a wide range of thermal and acoustical insulation products for multiple industries. All of their products are fire-rated and safe for the environment. They incorporate no harmful chemicals or irritants and do not pose off-gassing or VOC concerns. One of their products is… Read More »

7 Steps in the Lifecyle of a Green Product

In 2004, Ray Ander­son (founder of Interface) told us, No one should be claiming sustainable products. There is no such thing yet in terms of zero footprint. What you can do is demonstrate reduced footprint. This is still true today; however there is light at the end of the tunnel. Martin C. Pedersen over at… Read More »

Google store is going green!

The Google store has launched its new eco-friendly initiative. The company has everything from organic cotton bags & tees, hemp hoodies, gear made from recycled products, and much more. They also use environmentally sound recycled packaging when shipping each order.