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Your guide to eco-friendly products. Find all kinds for things to help greenify your life.

The Green Clean – Eco-Friendly Home Cleaners

Lawrence Comras (or Axel) from Green Home, The Environmental Store has some really great home cleaning products, that are awesome eco-friendly alternatives to the toxic traditional cleaners. He shows them off here in this NBC News, Today spring cleaning segment, giving a live demonstration of the products on windows & counter tops, proving that they… Read More »

Product of the Week – Littlearth Purses & Accessories

Littlearth is this way cool company that makes purses & fashion accessories using recycled license plates, rubber and bottle caps. Founded in 1993, by Rob Brandegee & Ava DeMarco on the the idea to design & produce fashionable, unique and trendsetting purses & belts by reusing and recycling materials that would otherwise be overlooked or… Read More »

Holiday Christmas Trees – The Eco Choice

As the holiday season fast approaches, it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas trees and holiday decorations. There are many options out there, however some are more eco friendly than others. 1- Artificial Some may think that buying an artificial tree is the most eco friendly thing to do; however that is just the… Read More »

Product of the Week – Earth Dog Collars & Leashes

Even your cuddle pooches can go green and sport eco friendly fashion. The crew over at EarthDog manufactures hemp collars, leashes, harnesses, beds and chew toys for dogs. Their dog products are all handmade in the USA, and are inspired by their own dogs – 14 in all. EarthDog uses asian-grown 100% hemp canvas &… Read More »

Non-toxic cleaners

Wouldn’t you rather have your home truly clean, rather than covered in toxic chemicals? Try making your own non-toxic cleaners at home. It’s easy! The crew over at ecocycle have compiled recipes for all your cleaning needs. From the basic household cleaners to metal polishes, and even a flea repellent for your pets. All recipes… Read More »

Shoes Lovers…THINK GREEN!

Check out this awesome blog that features great green shoes that are animal free & environmentally friendly. They feature shoes suitable for vegans, vegetarians and everyone who prefers an alternative to leather.