Avoid BPA In Metal Cans & Other Containers

By | March 4, 2009

Metal CansWhen you are in the grocery store shopping and have the option to buy a product in a metal can or a glass jar…go with the glass jar. That’s because the inside of many metal cans are lined with a plastic liner that contains the chemical Bisphenol A or commonly abbreviated as BPA, which is associated with hormone disruption and can leach from the can liner into the food.

All chemicals are bad, especially in our food, but unfortunately BPA is so widely used and manufactured that you’re not likely to eliminate it from your system altogether. Below are some tips you can take to minimize your exposure to BPA:

  • When possible, and especially if you’re pregnant and when feeding a young child, limit the amount of canned food in your diet.
  • Avoid using old or scratched polycarbonate bottles. If you’re in the market for a new water bottle, look for stainless steel water bottles that do not have a plastic liner.
  • Don’t use plastic containers to heat food in the microwave. Opt for ceramic, glass, or other microwavable dishware.
  • Soft or cloudy-colored plastic does not contain BPA.
  • If you’re formula feeding your infant, consider using powdered formulas packaged in non-steel cans. Also, choose baby bottles made from glass or plastics that don’t leach BPA (like polypropylene or polyethylene).

4 thoughts on “Avoid BPA In Metal Cans & Other Containers

  1. Trent

    Thank you for the post. BPA is a serious problem which can cause many forms of cancer. I founded Tribeca Bottles due to the economic and health hazards of plastic bottles. The Tribeca bottle is made out of pure stainless steel and not lined. So if you need a safe container, it may be a solution for you.

  2. Janet

    I used to have a stainless steel bottle until I looked inside it one day. It was nasty!!! My boss had this really nice glass bottle on her desk, and I asked her about it. She got it at a website called http://www.betrulyyou.com . I love it, and you just pop it in the dishwasher to clean it.

  3. AllergyDoc

    In asked Trader Joe’s about BPA use in their canned goods and received this reply:

    “Canned items in our stores WITH BPA lining in the cans would include: tomatoes, tomato sauce & paste, soups, chili, and stew.

    Canned items in our stores that DO NOT have BPA lining in the cans include: seafood (tuna, salmon, herring, sardines, etc.), chicken, turkey & beef and now beans and corn.

    All of our products and packaging are within food safety guidelines and regulations. However, we also wanted to inform you that we do not have any plastic packaging with BPA.”

    I thought it very refreshing to get an honest answer. The last time I emailed a fast food chain about the MSG content of their food (they say they don’t “add” MSG), i was told their recipes were secret. They might have well said they don’t “add” it in the restaurant, but it comes in the sauces, etc.

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