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Soda Can Pinwheel Flowers

Soda Can Pinwheel FlowersDecorated your winter gardens this year with DIY flowers made from recycled soda cans by CanarsieBK.

You’ll need the following:
1 empty can of soda
1 bottle cap
Razor Scissors
Drill or nail

How to Make Flowers Using a Soda Can:
Use razor (and scissor if necessary) to cut off the top of the soda can around the ridge line.
2- Starting from the top of the can use your scissor to cut down about 1/8 -1/4 inch from the bottom.
3- Make cuts all the way around the can. Get creative with the cuts if you’d like by zig-zagging. Once all of the cuts are made. Fold all of them outwards.
4- Take the drill or nail and poke a hole in the bottle cap and the bottom of the can.
5- Fish string through the hole of the top of the bottle cap and continue it through the bottom part of the can.
6- Tie knots on either end to loosely secure the bottle cap to the can.
7- Tie a stick to the opposite side of the soda can that the bottle cap is on.
8- Plant your flower.

Product of the Week – DSI Power Strip

DSI Power StripDSI Power Strip is a new kind of power strip that offers great savings on electricity.

How is a DSI Power Strip different?
By using a master socket that controls the other outlets on the power strip.

On a normal power strip, you have to actually turn off the strip to prevent any power from being drained. With the DSI Power Strip you prevent this and actually cut off all power to the secondary sockets when the device plugged into the primary socket is shut down.

What does this all mean?
When a device such as a TV is plugged into the master socket and then turned on, the other sockets with your cable box, DVD player, and sound system will then be powered on. The reverse happens when you power down your TV turning off the power to the other sockets and preventing any power from being drained.

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Check out this video where the DSI Power Strip is being unboxed.

Top 5 Ways To Up-Cycle Jewel CD Cases

I recently did a post on how to turn old jewel CD cases into a pen holder…well turns out that there are a bunch of other ways to turn those old outdated jewel cases into something new.

Jewel cases Here are the Top 5 ways to up-cycle jewel CD cases.

1- Keep one in your car to store away your auto insurance, registration & other important papers.
2- Open one up & use it to hold your recipe card as you cook.
3- Use them to frame artwork. Here is a DIY tutorial.
4- Print out a calendar & slip it into one side of the case as a handy desk accessory.
5- Put them up on Freecycle or Craigslist for a small indie band can use them to package their demo CDs or album releases.

DIY Yogurt Tub Luggage Tags

Travel this holiday season in up-cycled style with these crafty containers turned into luggage tags by Tiffany Threadgould.

Tiffany took her all too many plastic yogurt containers and gave them a second life with a little bit of cutting and hole punching. She used 1 colorful container and 1 clear container to make theses eco-friendly tags.

DIY Yogurt Tub Luggage TagsYou’ll need the following:

1 colored plastic container
1 clear plastic container or flat deli lid
thumb tack
scrap piece of cardboard
download PDF template
hole punch
plastic lanyard or needle and embroidery floss

How to make a Yogurt Tub Luggage Tag

1- Cut into the containers and create one flat piece each from the clear container and colored container. Print and cut out the template or follow the measurements listed.


2- Flatten out plastic pieces and lay template on top. Trace around template. Then, cut around the traced line. Repeat for other plastic piece.


3- Place scrap piece of cardboard under clear plastic piece. Then lay template on top. Use a thumbtack to poke holes around the edge. To widen holes, wiggle the tack around once punched.


4- Use the hole punch to punch a hole in the top.


5- Lay clear plastic piece on top of colored piece. Repeat steps 3 and 4 using the clear piece as your template to create the holes. With both plastic pieces stacked on top of each other, take plastic lanyard or needle and embroidery floss and thread through the first hole. Secure with a double knot. Thread in and out of all of the holes around the edge. To finish off, tie another double knot.


6- Insert a business card or piece of paper that’s 2″ wide by 3.5″ tall with your name and contact information.


7- Tie off with a ribbon. Attach to your suitcase and your newly made luggage tag is ready for take off!

Illustrations Courtesy of Tiffany Threadgould

Product of the Week – O’BON Pencils & Notebooks

O'BON Notebook O’BON, is a green stationery company located in San Francisco, CA and dedicated to designing, manufacturing & distributing awesome stationery products, such as pencils & notebooks, that are eco-friendly & really reasonably priced.

O’BON’s pencils are made out of recycled newspaper, their notebooks are made from discarded sugarcane pulp, and all their products have super cute nature inspired designs.

O’BON also just launched a way cool new campaign where every $10 you spend on their website, they will plant a tree through their partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation.

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Tip of the Week – Avoid Convenience Packaged Goods

Avoid things like individual juices, lunches in plastic trays, individual snack or veggie servings. Instead buy larger containers of juice and pack in a reusable thermos or bottle, separate snacks, veggies and treats into reusable airtight containers and pack in a lunch box or lunch tote. This may seem like extra work, but you will save so much money by buying bulk & have way less trash.

Top 5 Ways To Reuse An Old Comforter

ComforterGot an old comforter or blanket that needs a second life, consider these top 5 ways to reuse an old comforter:

1- Duvet Cover – Instead of replacing the entire comforter, stitch shut any holes and slide it into a new duvet cover for a fresh look.
2- Donate – Local homeless, battered women’s, or animal shelter are always in need of good blankets.
3- Keep in Car – For an impromptu picnic or for the kids to snuggle under during a late night car ride.
4- Reuse Stuffing – Most comforters are filled with polyester fiber which is also good for stuffing animals, pillows, & other craft pojects as it is non-flammable.
5- Garden Helper – Use an organic or vintage cotton comforter in the garden as a weed barrier instead of plastic sheeting. Lay the blanket down and cover with six to twelve inches of top soil.

Product of the Week – Restore Water Purification System

If your looking for an alternative to bottled water that is more eco-conscious, then check out Restore.

What is Restore? Restore is a complete water purification system in an affordable, easy to use pitcher. Restore provides cleaner, great tasting tap water by innovatively combining germ-killing UV Clean technology with a water filtration system. Restore is a breakthrough solution.

What makes it different? Just because it’s filtered, doesn’t means it’s purified!
Restore uses Ultraviolet (UV) Clean Technology to go beyond filtering by removing bacteria, viruses and more. UV Technology has been used for over 60 years for its germicidal properties in hospitals and laboratories. For the first time, an application of this unique germ-killing technology is available for home use in an affordable, easy to use water pitcher.