6 Eco-Friendly Halloween Crafts For Kids

By | October 23, 2009

Eco-Friendly Halloween CraftsLooking for something fun to do this weekend with the little ones? How about getting a little crafty?

Here are 6 super easy Halloween craft projects that use everyday items that you most likely have laying around the house. Kids of all ages can participate in making these spooky fun decorations. And not to mention…you are recycling & reusing what most would consider to be trash.

Egg Carton Bats
Egg carton, Black Paint, Googly Eyes, Yarn (any color), String, Scissors, Glue, Paint Brush
1. Separate three cups from an egg carton using scissors.
2. Cut out part of the bottoms of each end cup to look like bat wings.
3. Paint all three cups black including the underside and let dry.
4. Glue two googly eyes and yarn for a mouth on the middle cup.
5. Thread a string through the top of the middle cup to hang.

Egg Carton Spider
Egg Carton Cup, Black Paint, Googly Eyes, Black Pipe Cleaners, Paint Brush, Scissors, Yarn (any color)
1. Separate one cup from an egg carton using scissors.
2. Paint the egg carton cup black and let dry.
3. Using the point of the scissors make four holes along each side of the cup.
4. Place a pipe cleaner in each hole for the legs, curving them to maintain a standing position.
5. Glue on googly eyes and yarn for a mouth.

Milk Jug Pumpkin
Gallon Milk Jug, Orange Paint, Glue, Black Permanent Marker or Construction Paper, Paint Brush
1. Mix orange paint and glue together (about 1/4 cup glue to one cup of paint). This helps the paint stick to the container without any peeling.
2. Paint the entire milk jug orange and let dry. Apply another coat of paint after first coat dries for a darker coat.
3. After paint has fully dried you can decorate the milk jug with a pumpkin face using either a black permanent marker or cutting out pumpkin face pieces from black construction paper and gluing them on the jug.
4. As an added effect, you can place a large flashlight behind the jug to shine through. Or place a smaller flashlight that stays lit inside the jug.

Pumpkin Masks
Paper Plates, Yarn, Crayons or Markers or Paint or Construction Paper, Glue, Scissors, Hole Punch
1. Take a paper plate and color or paint it orange using crayon, marker or paint.
2. Decorate with a jack-o-lantern face. Using either black crayon, marker, paint or cut out pieces of black construction paper and glue on.
3. Using the hole puncher, punch a hole on each side of the plate near the edges.
4. Lace yarn through each hole and tie yarn.

Ghost Windsock
Cylinder Shaped Cardboard Container (ex. oatmeal container), White Construction Paper, Tape, White Gallon Trash Bag, Black Construction Paper, Glue, Scissors
1. Measure out the length of the cardboard container on the white construction paper and cut paper so it will be long enough to wrap around the cardboard container.
2. Tape paper to the container.
3. Decorate white paper with a ghostly face cutting out black eyes and a mouth from black construction paper and gluing them on the white paper.
4. Cut strips 1″ to 2″ in width from a white trash bag to any length desired.
5. Tape one end from each strip to the open end of the container along the walls.

Toilet Tissue Roll Bat
Empty Toilet Tissue Roll, Black Paint, Black and White Construction Paper, Scissors, Glue, Black and Red Marker
1. Paint toilet tissue roll black and let dry.
2. Trace two bat wings and two triangle shaped ears on the black paper and cut out.
3. Cut two small triangle shaped fangs, a small circle for a nose and two circles for the eyes from the white paper.
4. Glue on construction paper pieces to the toilet tissue roll.

Thanks to Kiwi Magazine for the great Halloween craft ideas!

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  2. Jay Wagenmaker

    Those are great ideas for an Eco-friendly Halloween, I’ve created a Go green blog a few weeks ago, and I always talk about the negative aspects of the problems, and of our Planet. You get me inspired, Instead of criticizing I’ll start giving peoples ideas to become more Eco-Friendly so that we can reverse all the mess that we, Human Kind, have done to The Earth!!

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